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How Does It Work?

Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. is able to offer high speed internet connections to many that in the past have never had access to broadband connections. The reason for this is due to our wireless technology.

The Internet is a global network of computers. To access this network, you must have a local connection point through an Internet Service Provider, often referred to as an ISP. Traditionally you connect to your ISP using existing phone lines or cables. In many areas, the phone lines are not capable of supporting a high speed internet connection nor do the cable companies offer service. Due to this, the only internet option available was often a slow dial-up connection.

Since Blueriver Wireless Broadband Connection uses radio signals to connect you to our network portal, a physical connection via wires of cables is not necessary. Instead we broadcast the signal from one of our towers to an antenna that would be mounted at your home or business.

Once the signal reaches your home or business, it is then connected to either your computer or a router, which will allow you to split the signal off to multiple computers.

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