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What is Blueriver High Speed Wireless?

Have you ever experienced these frustrations when using the Internet?
  • Waiting for your computer to connect
  • Websites take too long to load.
  • Waiting forever for files to download
  • Not being able to load all the content on some sites because of your connection
  • Missing calls because dial-up ties up the phone line
  • Being disconnected because of poor phone lines
With a Blueriver High Speed Connection these frustrations will be gone,
and you will be able to do more online than ever before.
  • Access a wealth of entertainment. You can stream video, music and many other forms of media.
  • Files download and upload in a fraction of the time. Share photos and information with family and friends without the wait.
  • Online gaming allows you to play with or against others around the world.
  • Blueriver Wireless Broadband is as secure as any connection. Feel safe conducting online banking or making purchases.
All Wireless Broadband accounts come with:
  • Unlimited free telephone and email technical support.

Other broadband services typically only service areas of higher population density. Since Blueriver Wireless Broadband uses radio technology, we can offer broadband services to many areas that conventional carriers simply cannot. Compared to other remote area services like satellite, Blueriver Wireless Broadband is faster, more responsive and much more affordably priced.

The addition of wireless broadband to our list of services enables us to better serve our customers by offering a superior service at more competitive prices. Since we are not restricted by Verizon DSL network limitations, including Verizon controlled variables such as overhead costs, installation and response times, potential network outages and other such items which we have no control over in the Verizon system, we are better able to compete on price, quality of service and installation and service response times. After nearly a year of deployment and testing with hundreds of customers, our wireless broadband service has easily proven just as fast and reliable as DSL for both home and business needs. Additionally, we are able to offer the same services to areas that have never had (and probably never will have!) other broadband alternatives.

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