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Terms and conditions of this account

  1. Unless otherwise approved by Blueriver Networking Services, Inc., this is considered to be a single instance access account and is approved for attended access use only.

  2. The holder of this account is entitled to;
        a) unlimited e-mail service
        b) a personal web site of up to 10 Megabytes of information
        c) 24 hour a day access to their account(s)
        d) unlimited attended use access time to their account(s)
        e) telephone support during normal business hours

  3. The account holder agrees that Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. will not be held at fault for any of the following:
        a) content of any material not originating from our site, including but not limited to web sites and newsgroups.
        b) any damages incurred by the customer from material downloaded from the Internet generally or from Blueriver Networking Services server specifically.
        c) any damages incurred by the customer in using software necessary to access the Internet through our system.

  4. Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. will strive to provide the best possible service on an around the clock basis, and in effort to achieve this, it may become necessary from time to time to take our equipment .off-line. to perform upgrades, repairs, etc. and will not be responsible for losses incurred during this downtime.

  5. Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. will within the first 30 days following initial service installation, if you are not satisfied with the performance of the SERVICE we will give a full refund of any fees collected for service beyond the date that cancellation was received, conditioned on Blueriver receiving the provided equipment in substantially identical condition as it was installed. Failure to allow recovery of this equipment or damage to the equipment while in use for customers enjoyment will reduce the refund amount accordingly and may result in customer owing additional fees. This refund does not include any refund on custom installation fees charged by our contractor(s), and SERVICE and SERVICE AGREEMENT will be immediately terminated upon notice of dissatisfaction.

  6. Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. will always attempt to provide enough public access dial-in lines to insure that customers will be able to connect when they need to. However, Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. will not be at fault for the inability of a customer to connect because of busy public access lines.

  7. Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. will not at any time knowingly release any contact information for any customer, neither e-mail address nor postal address and phone number, to anyone for any use or for any reason, excepted as required by a court of law. Further, Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. will make every reasonable attempt to protect all contact information housed on our equipment from being unknowingly accessed, and will not store any financial information (credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc.) on any machine that is accessible from the outside world in an unencrypted fashion.

  8. In construction of a personal web site, the customer will incur all liabilities for the content of their web site, including, but not limited to, indecent and obscene material, copyrighted materials and materials of illegal content as defined by local, state and federal laws.

  9. Should the customer not wish to abide by these provisions, please notify our office in writing of you wish to cancel the account. Should the customer wish to discontinue their account, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. in writing to cancel the account. As a courtesy, Blueriver Networking Services, Inc. typically will keep an account active for a customer for 90 days from receipt of last payment or until notification by the customer that the account should be closed. The customer will be responsible for all charges up to the time of cancellation. Charges may include a $5.00 per month late fee for delinquent charges. Accounts that become more than 90 days delinquent will be terminated and turned over to collections.

  10. Submission of payment by the customer constitutes acceptance of the aforementioned conditions.