Telecommunications, Internet and Intellectual Property Law Links

UCITA Fact Sheet
Sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, this is a quick, useful fact sheet for an introduction to UCITA.
Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA)
The Association of Research Libraries' resource site on UCITA.
Cyberspace Law Subject Index
Sponsored by the John Marshall Law School Center for Information Technology and Privacy Law.
Federalist Society Internet Law Project
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Sponsored by Harvard University, this center is engaged in research and in some innovative Internet-conducted teaching.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF leads the fight to preserve civil liberties in cyberspace. It is so active in attacking censorship, that its initials are often mistaken for meaning the "Electronic Freedom Foundation." EFF also takes an interest bringing the Internet to society at large and keeps some introductory reference material on its site.
U.S. Copyright Office
The Copyright Office controls copyright registration and submission of required copies of works to the Library of Congress. The site provides information on copyright and registration.
Copyright Internet Resources
Links to Internet resources on copyright posted by the Library of Congress.
The Copyright Act of 1976
The current(amended) version of the law governing copyright in the United States.
Copyright Clearance Center
Famous(Infamous?) for destroying fair use arguments by researchers in corporations. The CCC collects royalties primarily for technical and scientific publishers, and primarily from corporate entities for the right to make copies of registered publications.
The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)
The British version of the Copyright Clearance Center.
Copyright and Other Restrictions Applicable to Distribution of an Image
A nice summary by the Library of Congress.
ASCAP RateCalc
An online rate calculator for various ASCAP licensing schemes.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
The Patent and Trademark Office provides information on searching and applying for patents and trademarks.
IBM Intellectual Property Network
An IBM sponsored patent search site.
Digital Integrity Search Demo
A demonstration of a tool designed to detect copyright infringement on the web.
FCC Organizational Chart
Simple, clear illustration of the FCC organizational chart.
FCC Antenna Structure Registration
For registering antenna structures online, this site is sponsored by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau of the FCC.
FCC Wireless Databases
Searchable databases for a variety of topics including frequency searches, licensee searches and callsign searches.
Intellectual Property Magazine
Excellent presentation of an online, quarterly magazine devoted to intellectual property issues.
Federal Communications Law Journal
Sponsored by the Indiana University School of Law, this is the online version of the FCLJ.
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
The University of Richmond's Information Law journal.
Harvard Journal of Law and Technology
One of Harvard's IP and tech journals.
Intellectual Property Owners
Updated daily, this site concerns private intellectual property rights, particularly patents. There is a focus on legislative news and case law developments.
Year Law Center
Links to articles about legal aspects of the Y2K problem.
Cyberspace Law Institute
Intriguing law articles on current Internet legal issues.
Internet Industry Alliances
Strategic alliances, joint ventures and other partnerships of industry players diagrammed.
Media Central
Central site for several online media news magazines ran by Cowles Business Media.
Rini, Coran and Lancellotta
Attorneys practicing in telecommunciations law.
Recent Developments
Recent legal developments in telecommunications law sponsored by Cole, Raywid & Braverman, LLP.
The Copyright Website
A multimedia introduction to copyright.
A site that helps clients find intellectual property attorneys to work at a mutually agreed upon price.
Information Infrastructure Task Force
The government's attempt to influence cyberspace.
Strategic Cyberspace
A brief statement by the RAND Corporation on the possibilities of information warfare.
Telecom Update
A weekly news digest of telecommunciations related news.
Superhighway News
Telecommunications Business News Links.
The Information Law Web
Lousy graphics, but an interesting organisation of links by People, Places and Things relating to information law.
The Telecommunications Act of 1996
The final text of the controversial revision of the laws governing phone companies, cable companies and, to a lesser extent, internet service providers.
Communications Decency Act Archive
An archive maintained by the EFF of the bills and debate on the CDA. This law censors a wide range of free speech. It would clearly be unconstitutional if it was applied to print media, but since it is directed at electronic media there is the chance that the courts may uphold it. For the time being, the CDA has been stayed (it is not in effect) in federal court.
Framework for NII Services
The federal governments' framework for developing the National Information Infrastructure [popularly known as the Information Superhighway].
Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure
The draft report of the Information Infrastructure Task Force concerning the protection of intellectual property on the NII. It made copyright owners happy, and outraged many netizens who prefer certain "borrowing" tendencies for anything on the net.
International Telecommunications Union
The international organisation that coordinates allocations of the electromagnetic spectrum, allocations of geostationary orbits, electronic transmission technical specifications, etc.
The World of Wireless Communications
The consumer PR site for the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association.
North American Numbering Council
An advisory committee to the FCC on the administration of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)
An industry group compiled of heavy hitters involved in telecommunications.
Candian Copyright Law
Entered by a Canadian law firm.
Cyberspace Law Center
A current events driven set of cyberspace law links.
Hot Property
A compilation of materials concerning intellectual property law as it is applied to electronic media.
DOD Information Systems Technology Insertion
Sponsored by the Department of Defense to aid its development of IT.
DOD Joint Spectrum Center
A Department of Defense unit for coordinating use of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce
A business officers' consortium to coordinate policies on Internet commercial use.
Games and Copyright
An attempt to look at copyright and trademark issues in relation to the development of games.

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