Sean Mead's Science Fiction and Fantasy Links

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The best B5 site available.
The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft
A collection of H.P. Lovecraft's works.
The Literary Gothic
A collection of classic gothic literature online, along with numerous resources related to Gothic literature.
Clark Ashton Smith - The Eldritch Dark
Collected works of Clark Ashton Smith.
Online version of Edgar Rice Burrough's novel Pellucidar.
Free Speculative Fiction Online
Links to SF/F stories online.
Eggplant Literary Productions
Home of Spellbound, a quarterly fantasy magazine for children, and Jintsu Electronic Texts, novella-length speculative fiction. Regrettably, this excellent electronic publisher is no longer in production.
F/k/a the Twisted Realities of Philip K. Dick, this is the best site devoted to the master of questioned reality.
Locus Online
Online site for the trade magazine for the SF field. It includes the Locus Index to Science Fiction and the Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards.
The Science Fiction & Fantasy Network: a sf/f link and newsgroup site.
Cybling Science Fiction Chat
A science fiction, horror and fantasy chat site that schedules chats with authors from these genres, and that stores the chat interviews on its site.
The "Secret Contents of a Certain Government Warehouse."
A fanzine devoted the history of fandom.
Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy
Toronto Public Library's extensive SF/F collection established by Judith Merril.
The Fanac Fan History Project
This site is devoted to the preservation and distribution of information about science fiction and science fiction fandom.
Joe Roth's site for promoting Revolution Studios product.
Emerald City
A SF zine.
Web site for the SciFi channel, including Sci Fiction a new source of sf/f stories edited by the esteemed Ellen Datlow; these stories are updated weekly.
Sci Fi Wire
Daily news site for media SF.
Science Fiction Weekly
A biweekly mix of interviews, game and book reviews, and genre news. - Science Fiction and Fantasy World
Lots of interviews and reviews as well as other materials.
Event Horizon
A magazine, now on hiatus, by former staffers of the defunct OMNI Online. It has been inactive since 1999, but has some good archives.
The online reincarnation of Tomorrow magazine. This site is now static and has ceased to continue activity.
Century Magazine
Century magazine web site.
Science Fiction Resource Guide
Rutgers' widely mirrored and extensive resource reference.
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Association (SFWA) Home Page
The Web Home of the SFWA, the professional organization for sf/f writers.
The SF Site
A review-oriented site.
The 2002 Worldcon.
Toronto in 2003
Worldcon site for the 61st Worldcon.
Boston in 2004 Worldcon Bid
Boston's successful bid for the 62nd Worldcon.
Worldcon 2005 UK
Britain's successful bid for the 63rd Worldcon in Glasgow, Scotland.
L.A. in '06: Space Cadets
The Los Angles Worldcon.
Nippon 2007 English Main Page
The winning Japanese bid for the 2007 Worldcon.
Chichen Itza in 2012
A less serious Mayan bid.
Z'Ha'Dum in 2258
Hoax worldcon bid.
World Science Fiction Society
Official Worldcon home page.
Filker.Org Site Directory
A Filk Resource Repository.
Atlanta's invitation to creative chaos.
World Fantasy Convention
Home site for all World Fantasy Convetions.
The Indianapolis convention.
The Columbus, Ohio convention.
The Center for the Study of Science Fiction
James Gunn's center for sf/f scholarship at the University of Kansas.
Lankhmar-The Fritz Leiber Home Page
A well-executed fan site for Leiber.
Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature
The online outpost of a new fantasy magazine. The initial hard copy magazine includes stories by Michael Moorcock and Charles de Lint.
The 'Net Alternate History List
An awesome bibliography of alternate history short fiction and novels.
Slawek's Guide to SCI-FI Art
A comprehensive links list for SF art and artists on the Web.
Nutter's Art Domain
Display site of a new RPG inspired artist. Licenses free use, subject to display terms, of his art on nonprofit sites.
The Astounding B Monster
A celebration of the Monster "B" movie genre; dedicated to those films so bad, that they're good.
Science Fiction on Radio
A reference of old and current sf programs that were or are being broadcast on radio. It includes critiques and links to some active sites.
Primarily a photographic catalog of a sf movie prop collector's hoard.
The Outer Limits
The official Outer Limits web page for the new run of Outer Limits. One of the best uses of web page design technology for fan type sites.
Elmore: The Official Web Site
Fantasy and SF artist Larry Elmore's web site.
An amateur fantasy artist image archive with a variety of artists.
Libertarian Futurist Society
A promotion of libertarian science fiction on the Web.
The Book Engine
An extensive collection of reviews by fans of SF&F books. The automated engine allows you to add your own reviews to the site.
The Linkoping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
A wide ranging collection of materials.
The Dominion
The Sci-Fi Channel's site.
Tantus Obscura
An intriguing SF based MUD.
Cthulhu for President Home Page
Devoted to bringing you Cthulhu for President, their motto is "Why vote for the lesser evil?" Site contains numerous Cthulhu links.
Clark's Center of Fantasy Art & More
A rotated site of numerous great images, many from famous SF/F artists.
J.V. Jones' SF Links
An author-oriented set of science fiction links.
Nebula Search Homepage
A science fiction oriented search engine.
The Sidewise Awards
Awards for Alternate History fiction.
SF/F related literary award winner lists.
Fandom Directory Homepage
A directory including interests of sf fandom.
NecroN 3D Computer Graphics
SF&F computer generated graphics by an Italian artist trying to break in to the field.
Sci-Fi Hollywood
A retailer of SF-related movie props.
OffWorld Designs
OffWorld Designs specializes in science fiction and fantasy art, and in particular, designs con shirts.
Coron's Sources of Fonts (1)
A GREAT site for fantasy, ancient, symbolic and science fiction fonts.

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