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DVDCA and the Big Lie
Eric Raymond's comments on the DVD/DeCCS dispute.
U.S. v. Microsoft
The DOJ Anti-Trust Division site offering filings, deposition transcripts and direct testimony.

Internet Structure

Net Tax Commission
The Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce established by the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998. Let the committee know how you feel about having the Internet taxed.
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
The new organization designed to regulate the assignment of domain names. Currently hosted by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Release of Domain Name Agreement
Jon Postel's and Network Solutions' agreement to manage Domain Names.
Internet Society (ISOC)
Leading Internet organization which includes the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).
Information Infrastructure Task Force
The government's attempt to influence cyberspace.
Manhattan Cyber Project
An initiative between industry, government and academia to combat the threat to the national information infrastructure.
Network Solutions, Inc.
Registrar of domain names.
InterNIC Registration Services
Superimposed registrar of domain names.
USA Architecture Directorate Homepage
The Army's center for the development of IT architecture.

Internet Other

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email, the leading anti-spam organization.
The full text of Wendy Grossman's book about changing Internet culture.
Nua Internet Surveys
Overviews of Nua's Internet market surveys.
A broad listing of ISP equipment of all sorts with related listserves, etc.
A guide to high speed Internet access in your local area.

Web Programming

Home of the WWW Consortium
The standardization body for HTML.
HTML 4.0 Specification
W3C Recommendation for HTML 4.0 specifications.
Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 Specification
W3C specification for the class of data objects described and utilized in XML.
Extensible Style Language (XSL)
W3C information site on Extensible Style Languae which assists in the implementation of XML.
Audio, Video, and Synchronized Multimedia
The W3C site on SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language), including recommended specifications.
W3C HTML Validation Service
Automated HTML validator sponsored by the standardization body.
The Web Standards Project
An organization of developers pushing for open web standards.
Jan's Guide to HTML
Clearest explanations of coding available.
Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability.
The WDVL:The Virtual Library of WWW Development
Wide ranging WWW resource.
HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0 Web Reference
Private party guide to these evolving standards.
Netscape's HTML Assistance Pages
Provided in enlightened self-interest by Netscape.
HTML tags sorted by Navigator releases
Netscape page useful for HTML coding compatibility.
Netscape's Extensions
Help with all the changes Netscape inflicts on standardized HTML.
Authoring Strategies for Internet Explorer 4.0 and 3.0
Microsoft site useful for IE optimization, if that's what you want.
Searches 21 different, relevant sites for information helpful for web developers.
The VRML Consortium
Home of the standardization body for VRML.
VRML Standards and Specifications
ISO standards for VRML.
How to Create VRML
An introduction to VRML work.
The VRML Repository
A comprehensive VRML information source maintained by the San Diego Supercomputer Center.
The Web Design and Developers Association
A beginning attempt at a trade and lobbying organization.
ActiveX Mini-How To
An introduction to writing ActiveX into HTML documents.
c/net's ActiveX collection.
ZDNet's ActiveX files
The powerhouse publisher's broad selection of articles and downloads on ActiveX.
The distribution site for Netscape's browser source code.
The Programmer's Playground
A development interface for distributed computing applications. It is distributed as freeware for noncommerical users.
CMPnet's web building site.
An open source development site.
Start your own Internet broadcast station.
Free Graphics
A site with freeware graphics, backgrounds, fonts, etc.
Coron's Sources of Fonts (1)
A GREAT site for fantasy, ancient, symbolic and science fiction fonts.
A site for Cold Fusion developers.

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS Reference Table
From, this table includes the essential elements of CSS designations.
CSS Style-O-Mattic's aid for developing CSS style sheets.
CSS Gallery
Microsoft's CSS gallery of web fonts.
Cascading Style Sheets's list of articles relating to CSS.
Astigmatic One Eye Foundry Freeware Fonts
Some incredibly creative freeware fonts! They will also create a custom font based on your handwriting for a reasonable fee if requested.

Tcl/Tk Programming

Scriptics Corporation
Former Sun Developer John Ousterhout's new Tcl/Tk development project.
Tcl/Tk Consortium
A Tcl promotion and development organization with tangible benefits in Tcl dollars, valid currency with Tcl/Tk Consortium sponsors. A major mover in Tcl development.
White Paper on Scripting
John Ousterhout's paper on the advantages of scripting languages.
Visual Tcl Home Page
A freeware visual development tool for Tcl.
Tool Command Language
Extensive, useful Tcl links.
Newsgroup for the Tcl language.


The organization promoting the powerful open source database.

Java applets and programs for web use. Some spectacular effects are available here.
IBM's Java Site
Promoted as "The Ultimate Resource for Java Developers".
Java Lobby
An organization lobbying for open Java standards and against sabotage of the language.
The JOS Project
A project to develop a free and open Java operating system.
Sun's Java Resources
Aids for developing Java applications. A rallying point for attacks on the Wintel empire.
For Developers
Sun site for Java developers.
The official directory for Java.
Java FAQ Archives
A collection of Java FAQs.
Netscape's Java Applets
Netscape's applet pick-up site.
TeamJava HQ
Wide variety of java links and a work registry for java programmers.
The Java Boutique
More than a 100 java applets for download and use.
Sponsored by Sun, this is a forum for members of the telecommunciations industry to discuss and promote the use of Java and distributed object technologies.
Java Financial Object Xchange (JFOX)
Sponsored by Sun, this is a forum, news site and download site for financial services related Java programming.

Journals and Magazines

"News for Nerds" is the tagline. It's dead-on, but doesn't express the quality and accessibility of this source.
Open Source Writers Group
Open source documentation project.
Linux-oriented online journals.
Information Technology at IU
News pages for IU IT.
Oracle Internet Developer Magazine
Oracle's webzine focused on Oracle applications on the Internet.
Intelligent Enterprise
Web outpost for a magazine on RDBMS.
Barnes & Noble Computer Books
The starting point for computer books on B&N at up to 40% discounts.
The Industry Standard
Exciting new industry rag for the Internet.
Linux Journal
Check out the Best of Technical Support columns!
Linux Magazine
A recent addition to Linux periodicals.
Online LINUX journal.
Unix Guru Universe
A focal point for Unix administrators. Includes a search engine on UNIX topics.
Visual C++ Developer's Journal
New journal online and in print for VC++ solutions.
Dedicated to JavaScript and Dynamic HTML.
A different perspective on hacking.
Sophisticated library, news and reviews on web development.
Web Techniques
Online outpost of the hard copy magazine.
A business oriented magazine.
Computer underground Digest WWW Site
A weekly newsletter of news and discussion of legal and social issues related to computer culture.
Digital Espresso
An e-zine dedicated to Java information.
Microsoft Personal Computing
A magazine format promotion of the potential in the products most users already own.
A promotional 'zine of Netscape Press.
Microprocessor Report
This online promo contains somewhat dated material to encourage purchase of an active subscription, but even though it may be dated it is still useful and informative. Very technically oriented.
Ziff-Davis' HUGE PC/Software/Internet/Telecomm/Etc. site.

Other Personal Computer-Related

PentiumII Processor Developer Home
Intel's specifications and tutorials on Klamath.
The Intel Secrets Page
Despite Intel's anger, this site remains to disclose hidden faults and undocumented programming features of Intel chips.
A well-organized shareware site.
WINDex Home Page
A windows shareware source.
Tom's Hardware Guide
Extensive hardware reviews.
Dial-Up Networking Help Page
A good aide to dial-up networking problems.
Microsoft keeps 'em busy.
The Telecommunications Center
An ISP's telecom interest link and info site.


Central Indiana Linux Users Group.
A site to help users adopt Linux.
An open source approach to flight simulators.
An open source wargame and simulator project.
Linux Documentation Project
The primary directory source for all things Linux.
A Linux news site ran by VA Research.
Linux International
A Linux professional association.
Sm@rt Reseller Linux Infopack
A links list to Linux articles and information from Sm@rt Reseller.
Release site for open source software.
Compiling Apache
An article by Linux World on compiling and customizing the Internet's most popular web server software.
Online LINUX journal.
Unix Resources
Sponsored by
Linux Gazette
A member of the Linux Documentation Project which provides many useful resources.
Linux Journal
Check out the Best of Technical Support columns!
Linux World
New Linux web 'zine.
Linux KHG
Discussion Pages
The Linux Kernel Hacker's Guide.
Tour of the Linux Kernel
From the LKHG: This is a somewhat incomplete tour of the Linux Kernel, based on Linux 1.0.9 and the 1.1.x development series. Most of it is still relevant.
Device Drivers
From the LKHG: The most common Linux kernel programming task is writing a new device driver. The great majority of the code in the kernel is new device drivers; between 1.2.13 and 2.0 the size of the source code more than doubled, and most of that was from adding device drivers.
From the LKHG: Adding a filesystem to Linux doesn't have to involve magic...
Linux Memory Management
From the LKHG: A few outdated documents, and one completely new one by David Miller on the Linux cache flush architecture.
How System Calls Work on Linux/i86
From the LKHG: Although this was written while Linux 0.99.2 was current, it still applies. A few filenames may need updating. find is your friend--just respond with the changes and they will be added.
Other Sources of Information
From the LKHG: The KHG is just one collection of information about the Linux kernel. There are others!
Glimpse Help Pages
An indexing and querrying program.
Apache HTTP Server Project
A public domain web server designed by web site administrators.
Linux VAR Home Page
A site for Linux Value-Added Resellers.
Linux Online
Numerous companies offering complete Linux systems.
The Halloween Document
Microsoft's memo demonstrating its fear of Open Source Software, along with commentary by Eric Raymond, a "founding father" of the open source software movement.
The Halloween Document II
A follow-up memo to Halloween Document I.
The Halloween Document III
A follow-up memo to Halloween Documents I and II.


Internet Security Policy: A Technical Guide
A detailed policy established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
Common security problems are discussed.
Center for Internet Security
CIS is a not-for-profit cooperative enterprise helping users and operators to reduce the risk of disruptions to operations due to technical failures or deliberate attacks.
National Infrastructure Protection Center
The FBI's security site to assist in computer security.
Department of Defense Computer Emergency Response Team.
The Cookie Leak Security Hole in HTML Email Messages
The identification of email/cookie relationships.
The Twofish Encryption Algorithm
Bruce Schneier's article from Dr. Dobb's Journal on this possible replacement for DES.
Twofish: A New Block Cipher
The Twofish site sponsored by Counterpane.
The Happy Hacker
A site directed towards the promotion of "hackers" as the term was originally defined.
CIAC Security Web Site
The Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability security site.
CERT Coordination Center
The Net Cops. Tons of useful Internet information.
The GNU Privacy Guard
The central resource for GNUPG, a free replacement for PGP encryption, that is not based on either IDEA or RSA materials.
Links to Cryptographic Software
Links to downloads for various encryption/decryption programs.
The National Security Agency's site for promoting Fortezza-enabled cryptographic tools and related Information Security devices.
CERT/CC Survivable Network Technology Home Page
Particulary check out Dr. John D. Howard's "An Analysis of Security Incidents on the Internet 1989-1995."
Trusted Product Evaluation Program
Military effort at program security evaluations. The site includes the DOD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria.
Computer Virus Myths Home Page
A well presented documentary and editorial site on virus hoaxes and their implications.
This Distributed Intrusion Detection System is a collective effort to discover patterns in hacker attacks on firewalls.
Hacker's e-zine.
COTU Serial Numbers
Creatures of the Underworld's list of program serial numbers and related misbehaviors.


LANL Quantum Information
This Los Alamos National Laboratory reference site on quantum computing provides a tutorial on the subject as well.
Quantum Computation Reference Collection
Stanford University's reference site for this goal.
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Online AI journal.

A game developer's site sponsored by
Game developers' site.
Dogma 2001: A Challenge to Game Designers
Ernest Adam's attempt to inspire the creation of creative, nonstandard games.
Bills itself as concerning "The Art & Science of Making Games"; restricted to computer games.
IBM's tilt of the cap towards open source development.
Site of the computer game industry trade magazine.
The site will pay you up to $10,000 to provide evidence that will aide in the termination of a contested patent.
DevEdge Online
Netscape's developer site.
The Programming Sharehouse
A large resource links site.
Visual Basic Instinct
Visual Basic developers' site.
Novell DeveloperNet
Novell developer site.
Microsoft ODBC Web Page
Downloads of ODBC SDK and related materials.
ISP Equipment
A massive Internet service provider equipment information site.
AI in Computer Games
A brief introduction to some AI sites, including an Open Source project in game design.
JADS Joint Task Force Homepage
Devoted to a better understanding about the utility of Advanced Distributed Simulation (ADS) for test and evaluation (T&E) of complex military systems (like tanks, ships, airplanes, and satellites -- or sophisticated commercial systems).
TACCSF Home Page
Theater Air Command and Control Simulation Facility, Detachment 4 of the 505th Command and Control Evaluation Group. More ADS evalution systems.
Visual Basic Support
MS Visual Basic support site.
A center of news and information on the graphics language OpenGL.
The Internet Help Desk
Try here for help with Internet related problems.
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Sponsored by Harvard University, this center is engaged in research and in some innovative Internet-conducted teaching.
Cyberspace Law Institute
Intriguing law articles on current Internet legal issues.
Artificial Intelligence at Georgia Tech
Links to Georgia Tech AI research.
Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
Visual Basic programming information.
The Ada Information Clearinghouse-AdaIC
A great site for Ada related information.
ISV License Welcome Page
MS license for distribution of IE with your applications.
SPA's Competition Principles
The SPA principles of competition; for a violation of each, cf. Microsoft.
Build and run your own survey.
Gallery of CSS Descramblers
A suite of DeCSS source code elements.
Business Software Association Audit Tools
Program tools provided by BSA to audit your software to make sure that you possess a full complement of legitimate copies of your business' software.
VisualBasicScript.Com is a directory consisting of a thousand links to ASP.Net,ASP,VB,SQL,VBScript,XML,WAP tutorials,and articles. It is very slow to load.


Ars Robotica
"Robotics for the masses" is the tagline for this robotics news site.
RoboCup Official Site
RoboCup "is an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem where wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined, as well as being used for intergrated project-oriented education."
Robotic Vehicles Group
The Robotic Vehicles Group performs research, development, and tests of mobile robots in support of planetary exploration missions and terrestrial applications for NASA and other Government agencies.

Visual Basic and VBA

Visual Basic Resource
A site developed by Ian McKay about Visual Basic development that includes a number of VB tutorials.
Visual Basic news and information sources.


The hot, new company providing turn-key, scalable mail servers, relational database management servers, web servers and web load balancers.
Macmillan Computer Publishing
Includes SAMS, Que and New Riders publishing houses.
Park Your Domain FREE.
9NETAVENUE site for parking a domain name without incurring Network Solutions' excise charges. Obviously, it is also a gateway to web hosting services.
The leading MP3 player.
VAR Business
A CMP published VAR magazine.
Computer Reseller New
A VAR oriented magazine.
Linux Online
Numerous companies offering complete Linux systems.
American Capital Group
A high-technology leasing company.
CorpTech Database
A database of more than 45,000 U.S. High Technology Companies.
The Persistence of Vision Raytracer home page. An excellent 3D graphics engine that is freeware.
Red Hat
One of the leading providers of LINUX.
LINUX related developer; developer of OpenLinux.
VA Research
A builder of LINUX hardware systems.
A VAR for Sun and Silicon Graphics hardware.
Makers of SoftCart shopping software.
Makers of ShopSite Express shopping software.
Sun Microsystems
Primary backer of Java and primary Microsoft opponent.
The preeminent browser supplier.
A branch of Netscape distributing the source code for Netscape's browser.
Lair of the Monopoly.
Creative Labs
Soundblaster creators.
PDF land.
Opera Software
Developers of a elegant new browser.
American Capital
Venture capital and IPO group seperate from American Capital Group.
Contact International
A translation service specializing in technical translation.


Newsgroup for the Tcl language.

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